Architects, entrepreneurs and designers meet each other in Officina Contemporanea (the so called Contemporary Workshop) in order to discuss what kind of future is to be built. The main goal of this association is the development of the territory starting with architecture, arts and professions that form its identity. Officina Contemporanea is a center that promotes the dialogue and the debate between those who are to decide the future: the young and the education, the economy and the professions, institutions and the world of business. Its work consists in  research that gives stimuli to confront disciplinary knowledge and to find new ways to think about innovation.

The idea of creating Officina Contemporanea is born from the experience of the founder members, their attitude to Verona, collaboration with other enterprises and simply during the conversation between professionals and researchers. But the most important reason of the creation of the association is the awareness of a shortage: there is a lack of possibilities on our territory capable to stimulate the emergence of new innovative models from the existing knowledge and culture. The task of the association is to give a response, to propose a solution to this problem, to stimulate dialogue between the world of knowledge, that of production and that of institutions in order to be able to create a new future that will be more desirable than acceptable.

Our special thanks to the founding members that have supported the project: Atelieritaliano, Albertini serramenti, Contec Ingegneria, Menotti Specchia, MK Style, Performance in Lighting, Stone Italiana, Zanini Porte.