The base of Atelieritaliano in Verona for events and masterclass of architects and designers is  in a prestigious palace next to the original city walls, the historical gate Porta Nuova and one of the most important Verona’s squares Piazza Brà with the Roman amphitheatre Arena. Though being central the area is well-equipped with parking zones: PAM, Cittadella, Arena.

The Palace itself is the construction of 1928 and contains a lot of originally furnished halls and rooms of historical interest that can be used for exhibitions and congresses.

The restoration of this palace was made by our marble restoration technicians after our work already carried out in Venice on the Basilica of San Marco.

The main entrance permits the access to the events held in the palace from the central avenue of the city.

Behind the palace there is a small court and an exhibition area that can be also used for various events, meeting and conferences.