Menotti Specchia

From paving to furnishing, Menotti Specchia proposes a complete and flexible system transforming exteriors into full-scale sun lounges. The offering begins with DeckOut, the paving implemented by choosing between the two Doga and Quadrotta formats, while exterior furnishing is completed with Turtle accessories and WallDeck, a modular structure used to create verandas, bowers and gazebos. All in wood, these three lines combine elegant design, sturdiness and strong awareness of new ecological concepts. DeckOut is an optimal choice for respecting the environment and personal well-being, thanks to the quality of materials – such as heat-treated FSC teak from a traceable value chain – and finishing with oils free of substances harmful to health yet excellent for protecting the beauty of wood in every climatic condition. The Turtle line of furnishing accessories also meets different needs: sturdiness is joined by several functions combined in a single element. Seats-containers, small tables that can also be used as shelves or stacked to create delightful partitions, and benches transformed at pleasure with green and flowers. And for enjoying a moment of relaxation in the shade, the company proposes WallDeck, the truly flexible modular system that allows more or less shady zones to be created simply by selecting more or fewer modules, which are easy to install thanks to the stainless steel frame. Lastly, for lovers of the total look, Menotti Specchia suggests the coordinated QuadrottaMix, Turtle Sail and WallDeck paving and furnishings designed by Luca Scacchetti.

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