Contect Ingegneria

Founded by Contec Engineering in 2008 for optimal development of engineering services dedicated to the Environment, Quality and Safety, Contec AQS has recently won new and far-reaching commissions. The company will be responsible for the safety coordination of three Permasteelisa sites in Milam – City Life, Alinvest and Porta Nuova.
Alongside these emblematic projects rethinking the contemporary city, Contec AQS has also been engaged for the Protection and Prevention Service for safety management on Gemmo Impianti sites involving the technological update of ANAS road tunnels in Lombardy. The Serenissima Motorway development sites for the new Motorway 31 Valdastico South section also see Contec AQS in charge of the Safety technical service during execution. These demanding and high prestige tasks join an already impressive portfolio of important projects implemented in just two years of operations, such as the Mo.S.E. project (mouth of the Port of Chioggia), the Mestre link road, RSPP Prevention and Protection Service Management for Verona City Council and at the Additino Army Lodge of Casema Ederle for NAVFAC (Naval Facilities Engineering Command US Navy and Marine Corps).
As well as being the outcome of team work involving high level, well-trained professionals coordinated by Technical Director Ing. Alberto Palombarini, the excellent and rapid positioning of Contec AQS is the result of the long experience that Contec Engineering – the founding company – has attained over its fifty years of operations.

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