The recent acquisition of San.Co sees Zanini Porte expand its offering by covering every design requirement, from interior doors to fire doors in wood, wood-metal and glass having various dimensions and opening-closing systems. San.Co is a highly specialised company committed for many years to research into solutions that combine high technological content and design to ensure maximum safety even in the most demanding settings. Its most innovative products include ISOFIREGLAS® , a new glass fire door ideal for re-qualification of important buildings – it was even used, for example, in Milan Central Station – and projects intended to improve lighting capacity at the same time as retaining original structures. A fine example of the performance quality of San.Co products is ACOUSTIC, a sound-proofing single door in wood (also available as a fire door version), blind or with glass mirrors, in REI 30’, REI 60’ and REI 120’ classes with acoustic absorption from 30.5 to 44 dB certified in accordance with ISO standard 140/3. Attention to client requirements and willingness to work in collaboration with architects and engineers to develop precise design studies have helped implement avant-garde solutions for undoubtedly prestigious projects such as Palazzo Grassi Museum, Venice, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Caserma Ederle Barracks Project, Vicenza, and School and Clinic projects in Milan, as well as MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome and numerous other projects all over the world.
Zanini Porte and San.Co now offer clients industrial-level production capacity together with a very high quality craftsmanship approach that ensures made-to-measure projects responding to every structural or aesthetic requirement without in any way affecting safety performance.

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